Business Research and Advisory

New and Improved Products

A healthy business is constantly innovating and evolving. Creating a pipeline of new products while ensuring existing services are still fit for purpose is an essential activity, yet it is one that is all-too-often overlooked.

Use Corinno to:

  • Assess opportunities
  • Assess new markets
  • Complete the business plan
  • Define the route-to-market strategy
  • Build the sales and marketing model
  • Customer Engagement

New Market Entry

Breaking into new markets is not easy. You may well believe there is opportunity, but just how can you position your brands, products and services to enable you to build a successful business case? How can you predict outcomes? And how can you gather the intelligence that enables you to convince your colleagues?

Our business research methods will equip you to take the risk out of your decision making.

Use Corinno to:

  • Market Sizing — what is the prize you are going for?
  • Market Segmentation — just how can this new market be broken down?
  • Opportunity Mapping — what are the returns you can expect?
  • Go-to-Market strategy — how do you start?

Corinno has highly qualified professional teams deeply experienced in qualitative and quantitive market research. We go beyond the trends to deliver clear recommendations for success.

Speak to us if you’re looking to take your customer understanding to a new level.