Database Services

Strong Data is Critical

Your customer and potential customer data is one of the most important assets you own. Yet, how many businesses are struggling with incomplete, out of date and multiple non-integrated data bases?

Legacy issues impacting data are huge, and it is often the perceived scale of the challenge to clean, order, restructure and integrate data that puts off businesses from tackling this fundamental challenge.

Clean Data Drives Business

Corinno can help you sort out your data. Incomplete and inaccurate data will damage business prospects. Within our digital world, businesses thrive or struggle based on data quality. If you are not investing in ensuring your data is fit for purpose you are reducing the likelihood of success, it is as simple as that.

Our database management services are thorough and proven to add considerable value to business operations. We offer a consultative approach and proactively inform clients about non-performing data-sets so businesses can focus on those areas that deliver results rather than wasting time in areas that won’t work.

Data Management Services

Data Acquisition

  • Database Update
  • New Data Capture

Data Processing

  • Data Structuring
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data De-Duplication
  • Suppression Listing
  • Data Correction

Data Enrichment

  • Attribute Extraction
  • Web Research
  • Voice Research
  • Data Quality Checks

Audience Development

  • Email Opt-ins
  • Targeted Audience Bespoke Data Build